Abuse survivor group calls for investigation

VARIOUS institutional abuse survivor groups have been helped, supported and instructed both financially and in order to buy their compliance.

The implications, damage and long-term effects of this ill-thought out structure is a further negative, damaging and subtle form of abuse of survivors.

On the Government and Catholic Church side, it has become an exercise of spin and PR, determined to ensure that their damage limitation exercise will be a fait accompli.

Look at the whole process and the sorry mess that has been created the Laffoy Commission in disarray, counselling services ad hoc, Redress Board awarding pittances, education fund administered from Dublin by a self-appointed committee.

The survivor groups named in an Irish Sunday Times article are also in receipt of huge amounts of church funding. It appears that these groups have not been accountable for these monies allocated for the presumed benefit of survivors of institutional abuse.

We now call for a full investigation to account for this misuse of taxpayers' money over £4 million and rising. We also believe that the Federation of Irish Societies (FIS) are instrumental in implementing government policy in the UK, curtailing and controlling the funds of the outreach services. This is unacceptable.

We now demand that the Irish Government take complete control and the necessary action needed to get this sorry mess sorted before it is too late.

Tom Cronin

Irish Survivors ofInstitutional Abuse International

36 Barretts Buildings

Off Blarney Street


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Saturday, January 16, 2021

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