Dear Sir... Readers' Views (26/01/17)

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Dear Sir... Readers' Views (26/01/17)

There was no just or fair society under Democrats

The newspapers are filled with columns written by women explaining why they joined the anti-Trump march last weekend.

Many referred to some of Obama’s folksy take on what constitutes a fair and just society, even the Clintons were put forward as stalwarts who protected the weak and promoted equality.

Was this the same Obama who held the reins of power this past eight years which oversaw the continued growth of injustice and division in the US and everywhere that US influence reaches.

His pal Bill Clinton slashed welfare supports to appease the powerful so as to secure a second term, Hillary promised more of the same as she snuggled ever closer to the clique who seem to own everything these days.

Google ‘Detroit’, for example, and learn about the savage vulgarity in which people are forced to exist as a result of the strong being allowed to grab as much as they can.

Thousands pushed into a level of poverty and deprivation that beggars belief; all in the richest country in the world and under the watchful eyes of Obama, the Clintons, and the Democratic Party — and the majority of those whose lives are being destroyed to facilitate greed are women.

Come back and explain to us again, fellas, why you marched last Saturday and this time tell us why you haven’t being marching every Saturday this past few decades in solidarity with your suffering sisters in Detroit and in many towns and cities across the US and its satellites like Ireland.

Maybe the recent pay increase taken by our politicians might spur you on. Or is the ‘justice’ you seek of the selective variety one wonders?

Jim O’Sullivan



Necessary evils of political powers

Many people are disappointed that Donald Trump is the new president of America.

Imagine a world without politicians? What would it be like? We don’t need politicians to have morals. If we can’t ourselves determine right from wrong then we lack empathy, not politics.

Is it the case that law, politics, and religion are simply tools for control and manipulation? Or, do we need to be ring-fenced and herded into groups for our own protection? This is a very hypothetical situation.

Whenever there is a society or, even two people where there is a difference in opinion, politics will always creep in.

Perhaps politics is a method of avoiding conflict. Thousands of years ago, we thought there might be a better way of solving problems than simply beating each other with clubs, and the first politicians were created.

If there was no reasoning within or between countries, every conflict of interest could escalate to war. And we could all become strangers in a tangled wilderness.

Could it be that the old tribal genetics will always be in our DNA. Wherever there is a group, there will be ‘leaders’, and leaders are either voted in or chosen. As long as there is more than one person that is interested in a position of power there will always be politics.

And as long as people are willing to pay someone else to control their lives for them, and tell them what to do, and think, people like Trump will continue to abound in society.

Anthony Woods

Marian Ave


Co Clare

Build a wall to keep out the vultures

Let’s follow Donald Trump’s lead and build a wall around Donegal, and all of the counties for that matter, to keep out the non-taxpaying corporate vultures that are now evicting farmers and tenants out of their homes. This includes Nama and vulture politicians who feed on the carcasses of victims.

Bring back Cromwell, at least he had more mercy than these vultures. They are now selling off our resources, oil, gas, water, and woodlands that are not compatible with the Constitution.

Who do they think they are as they demonise the new president of the USA whilst selling out this country to the capitalists of America. I call on the Taoiseach to go to the rural country for one reason only and that is for an election before the ‘battering ram’ hits all the homes of Ireland.

Ian Hester


Co Roscommon

Planet threatened by capitalist ideals

The world is being threatened now more than ever because there are more people and there is more highly developed technology.

There have always been people who plundered the environment because they value the money it produces. They tend to think: ‘My small bit of plundering isn’t significant and, having a limited life span, I want to live as up-scale as I can.’

Multiplied by millions and augmented by the capitalist corporations (who are judged by their shareholders), our earth continues to be raped as we watch the earth overheat and its species disappear.

Highly developed technology helps the corporations; super trawlers that drive fish species to extinction are but one example. “Might as well catch the last cod. If we don’t, someone else will,” is their thinking.

Killing lions, tigers, rhinoceroses, and giraffes makes starving poachers a living. Selling dangerous pharmaceuticals increases corporate dividends and thereby enhances CEOs’ pay. The love of money drives much of human behaviour. Idealists who say we must take care of our planet are just laughed at. “It’s the economy, stupid” rules our lives.

Can we not have legislation to reduce this destruction of our nests?

Orin Flint


Co Cork

More gardaí are needed on streets

It has long been recognised, not just by the gardaí but by the communities they have served so well, that the place for a garda is on the street.

More and more garda time is taken up with court appearances, to the detriment of community policing and the detection of crime.

An Garda Síochána does an excellent job, but a special garda unit is necessary to deal with criminals who are becoming more organised. The improved road structure encourages criminals to come from the larger cities to rural areas, particularly to places where it is clear that cash will be on hand.

The Minister for Justice should look at the possibility of allocating a member of the gardaí in a district to deal exclusively with these organised criminals.

I compliment the community gardaí for their efforts to protect and keep a security look out for old folk living in remote and isolated areas of the country.

Rather than calling for new laws. The laws currently on the Statute Book should be increased in terms of judges, back-up staff and facilities so that crime can be dealt with quickly.

The Courts and Court Officers Bill, 1995, despite its merits, does not go far enough. One of the most significant ways in which offending while on bail could be reduced is by shortening the length of time an accused person is at liberty before trial.

We must face reality. Society must be clawed back from those on the criminal side who have hijacked it and those who are prepared to allow the situation to deteriorate further.

Week by week, the minister is putting in place more pieces to a very large jigsaw. When all her measures are in place, Ireland will be seen as a criminal unfriendly zone; to use the favoured American expression: “They can run but they cannot hide. God speed the day.”

Cllr Noel Collins


Co Cork

Dangers of far-right for future of the EU

The far, hard right of Europe should be careful about what they wish for. Those who oppose the European Union want it to end. It would suit such an agenda if the union were to be seen as an undignified mess. For many civilians, the Second World War was an undignified mess.

During the conflict, Europeans went through shortages and absences of food. Communities, from single rural habitations to large cities were destroyed, and, in some instances populations all but vanished. This happened without gas, bacterial, or atomic weaponry being used. What was done in extermination and death labour centres defies description.

Spain has made immense leaps in development in spite of recently enduring the rigours of the results of the 2008 crash and subsequent austerity and has for decades struggled, like other European nations, with persistently high early age unemployment.

And Spain still feels the effects of the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. Few in Spain would willingly choose to live in that past, or immediate aftermath.

The European far, hard right, in spite of having intelligence and organisational abilities have some moth-like disposition to fly with their followers, pulling all others in their wake, toward the flames of aggression, aggrandisement and conflict.

Tom Ryan

Dún Bleisc

Co Limerick

Sexism operates on a two-way system

In last Saturday’s Weekend supplement (Irish Examiner, January 21) Louise O’Neill told us that it was impossible for women to be sexist towards men.

In Tuesday’s Irish Examiner, a judge condemned a woman for a hate campaign against her ex-partner in an access dispute. No sexism there then.

William Mongey

Ard Haven


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