Dear Sir... Readers' Views (01/07/16)

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Dear Sir... Readers' Views (01/07/16)

Bring EU back to what it should be

Last Thursday may to some have been Independence Day but the fact is it’s the day when a democracy worked to its full. It’s a day when people voted for what they believe in and is their right. Since Thursday, I have discovered that there is now a class distinction on the way and type of people voting. According to some like Piers Morgan, it was the stupid ignorant working/lower class who voted for Brexit and how dare they do such a thing. Everything has been negative from the press, nobody wants to stand up and face the fact that the majority of people voted to leave.

Why did they vote to leave?

They realised that the EU system has gotten out of control regarding taking democratic rights from individual countries. The UK has a beautiful and most precious asset, it has the NHS free medical care, they believe it is their right and any sign of it being taken away from them will make them very paranoid and rightly so. They are fed up listening and looking at Angela Merkel trying to tell them what to do; she, somewhere in their psyche, reminds them of that nightmare called Maggie and they may have a point. The steel industry crisis was also a huge factor, knowing they had no control over cheap subsidised Chinese steel destroying their jobs, when the whole idea of the EU was to protect these workers.

It just beggars belief and obviously these people saw through the rules that unelected EU lawmakers were throwing at them. The big one was immigration; people who believed in staying in but did not vote were never comfortable with the idea of opening up Europe to everyone, so they did not vote thinking it would be a stay vote, now shocked, their conscience is suffering.

I do believe there will be another vote on this, the only difference is that the unelected EU hierarchy will have to back down or disappear, this election has put these power hungry corrupt people on show for what they are. European citizens have woken up and see these people for what they are,this is the ultimate opportunity to get the EU back to where and what it should be, free trade and good relations with their neighbours and not this stupid idea of one country Europe.

David Hennessy
Broomhall Business Park
Co Wicklow

New referendum rules on vote ratio

Just under 4% of the votes cast separated the two sides in the Brexit referendum. As Wellington said after Waterloo: “It was a damn close-run thing.”

The overall turnout was 72% of all entitled to vote. A majority of 52% of the voters were in favour of leaving the EU. That means that only 37% of the total electorate voted to leave.

Paradoxically, 69% of those who turned out would need to have voted to leave to ensure a majority of at least 50% of the full electoral register.

Similarly, if three quarters of the electorate had voted, then two thirds of them would need to have voted to leave.

There must be some sort of message in those figures. Maybe there should be a referendum to change the rules.

The ideal rule might be to accept a proposal only if the percentage of those in favour is greater than half of the inverse of the percentage turnout. On that basis, Brexit would have been rejected.

Michael Mernagh
Co Cork

Inconvenient truth of democracy

There are those within the UK who believe it was the “uneducated working class” who voted to leave the EU.

Others believe the UK parliament should overrule the results of the referendum.

It seems these people believe the UK should return to the 1600s when the vote was limited to “certain classes” and parliament ruled.

This would also seem to confirm the “thinking” behind a “United States of Europe” that only politicians should have the “right” to make decisions and the “people” cannot be “trusted” with a vote. Meanwhile the UK government could follow the example of the Irish Government and resubmit the proposal to the “people” until such time as the “people” vote as required by politicians. We in Ireland have evidence of the “democratic” manner in which the bank bailout was handled!

Michael A Moriarty

Politicians out of touch with people

Amazingly politicians in England were shocked at the result of the Brexit referendum... it shows what can happen when politicians and media lose touch with what the ordinary people are thinking. Even the mainstream English media were in shock. The reason maybe that press releases over the last number of years have been the backbone of communications for mainstream politicians; weekly clinics locally are now replaced by people being told: “Here is my card, ring and make an appointment with my office”. Voters get the feeling that they are just part of a necessary nuisance politicians have to put up with outside election times.

We are now into the realm of virtual communication, even in politics. In this present time the personal touch is out of favour. The Healy-Rae machine is sneered at as unsophisticated and gombeen. Yet the Healy-Raes know how their electorate think.

It is now obvious that British politicians across the main political stream spectrums don’t know what people are thinking on the ground and don’t see the difficulties that have affected the people living all over England. To say that voters were racist is pointless name calling. There is clearly a disconnect between the politicians and electorate, and it poses a serious threat for democracy into the future.

Nuala Nolan
24 Bowling Green

A sadistic streak in hare coursing

So timid little hares will continue to be trapped and removed from their natural habitat and taken to enclosures to be terrorised, chased and knocked about by greyhounds. Sometimes, they are injured and indeed this torture may subsequently lead to the death of the hare. Believe it or not, this is classed as a sport. A sport that owes it’s pleasures to another’s pain!

In my opinion to be involved in and enjoy hare coursing, one must be possessed of a sadistic streak. How on earth can any human being enjoy inflicting terror on a poor timid defenceless animal? A fellow being!

John Caulfield
Murmont Road

Drag coursing is the way to go

With the vote on the Bill to ban hare coursing due to be held on Thursday, I would remind the politicians that a humane alternative to this practice exists, one that could replace a completely discredited blood sport to the benefit of all...

Arts and Heritage Minister Heather Humphries and other contributors to last Thursday’s debate pointed to the economic value of hare coursing and the joy it brings to some people.

Drag coursing (which avails of a mechanical lure) replicates all the fun and excitement associated with live coursing, the thrill of the chase, the test of speed and stamina between two competing greyhounds, the awarding of prizes, and the celebrations in the pubs or hotels afterwards — everything except the cruelty. Powerstown Park in Clonmel and other similar venues could still host coursing events, free from the damning spectre of organized animal torture.

Rural Ireland would not have lost a treasured part of its culture. It would instead benefit from the removal of the one element in coursing that the majority of Irish people find objectionable — the use of live hares that are terrorised, mauled, and tossed about like broken toys.

This change would preserve the social aspect of coursing in rural communities. And the many commercial firms and individual business people who formerly sponsored hare coursing but withdrew their support could return.

Drag coursing has replaced the live version in almost all the jurisdictions that once permitted it.

I believe that TDs who have yet to decide which way to vote on Thursday should consider the merits of drag coursing, and that there is no need, or justification, for the use of live lures in this activity.

John Fitzgerald
Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sport
Lower Coyne St
Co Kilkenny

No justice in fatal hit and run case

We had a very sad case in the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court last week, and with a very regrettable outcome.

A man in his early 60s is out cycling on a beautiful day in Dublin on June 30, 2015. Out of nowhere, a car breaks a red light and hits him, causing serious injuries, resulting in his death.

When it goes to court we find the driver had been banned from driving at the time and never held a driving licence. He also admitted to leaving the scene and to driving without insurance. He drove off at speed from the crash, dangerously overtaking a number of other cars.

He waited six days after the collision before going to the gardaí. The driver received a two-and-a-half-year sentence. How can this short sentence be explained to the family of that 62 year old man? Where is the justice?

Damien Carroll
Dublin 24

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