Irish Water can, and should, repay customers

It has been whispered that Irish Water would face an administrative nightmare if it had to refund payments. Nothing could be further from the truth. Irish Water’s database contains three categories of customers — those who have paid in full (under threat of legal enforcement); those who have made part-payment; and those who have paid nothing at all.
Irish Water can, and should, repay customers

In this modern age, a few simple lines of computer programming could rapidly list those customers who are entitled to their money back.

That would expedite repayments as easily as it took to give everybody the gift of €100.

The total refunds would cost only one-quarter of one percent of the Government’s annual budget, but it would mean a lot to individual workers, who do not inhabit the world of the privileged elite.

In all the entrenched controversy about water, we have become blind to the most obvious fact — water is essential to develop and sustain life.

Access to water is a fundamental human right.

Will the new government play fairly? They try to tell us that austerity is over. Let them prove it.

Will they prefer to throw cold water on constructive ideas?

The era of the bull-in-the-china-shop approach to politics is over.

People demand respect — and their money back.

Michael Mernagh
Co Cork

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