US soldiers should not be allowed to pass through Shannon

Recently, and thanks to a cheap air ticket with Ryanair, I jumped at the chance to travel to Portugal and escape the atrocious weather this year.

US soldiers should not be allowed to pass through Shannon

After a red eye drive to Shannon airport I excitedly checked in to board my flight. I then passed through the departure gates into the pre boarding security area.

Imagine my surprise to see a long line of uniformed American military personnel waiting to be screened as well.

Ireland has apparently now become a legitimate target, according to Isis. In light of recent attacks on the European mainland and specifically on Brussels airport I strenuously object to the fact that these soldiers can freely mingle with the public.

To make matters worse when I entered the bar\\restaurant area I found the same soldiers consuming alcohol.

Considering these soldiers are trained combatants and adept at hand to hand combat I find it incredulous that they are allowed to mingle with other travellers while under the influence.

I demand that the Government put a stop to these practices and prioritise the safety of the public over the apparent willingness and cooperation of the Government in appeasing warring nations transit their troops through Irish airports

Darryl Broe
Dún Chaoin
Co Chiarraí

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Saturday, January 23, 2021

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