Ireland complicit in irradiation of Iraq

A report, ‘Irradiated Iraq’, by Barbara Koeppel in The Washington Spectator (20 March 2016), makes very disturbing reading.
Ireland complicit in irradiation of Iraq

This report reveals that for the past 25 years the US and its allies have been using radioactive weapons containing uranium that have been causing cancers in adults and very serious deformities and birth defects in children.

These weapons have been used in the former Yugoslavia, and the Middle East. Iraq has been the country most heavily polluted by depleted uranium munitions used in the wars in 1991 and since 2003, with areas near Basra and Fallujah very heavily polluted.

The widespread use of such munitions amounts to a war crime, but because the five permanent members of the UN Security Council use their UN vetoes to claim immunity from war crimes prosecutions we cannot expect to the see the perpetrators of these crimes joining Radovan Karad?zi´c in prison anytime soon.

Ireland is complicit in these war crimes because Shannon Airport has been, and is still being used, to transport large quantities of US war materials to its Middle Eastern war zones.

Edward Horgan




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