Hysteria is hyped when we need perspective

John Lloyd would have all 500 million of us in the European Union retreat into our bunkers because a few criminal fanatics want to murder their fellow citizens [Nail in the European Union coffin, March 24].

Hysteria is hyped when we need perspective

Stalin’s and Hitler reduced Europe to ruins during WW2. Europe, however, recovered and Europeans subsequently revived their democratic ideals. They also reconstituted their democratic institutions to the extent that nearly 30 democracies in the EU have signed a treaty to cooperate in matters of mutual interest. It is not perfect, but it is better than totalitarianism.

These democracies are hardly going to collapse because a tiny minority are filled with hatred for fellow human beings. John Lloyd and media people like him should have a bit more responsibility and treat problems of modern democracies with more perspective and less hysteria.

A. Leavy

1 Shielmartin Drive


Dublin 13

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