Gardasil programme must be postponed

Concern about the school administration of the Gardasil vaccination to the nations’ teenage girls, must surely warrant at least a pause in its continuance, if not an outright rescinding of the vaccination decision by the statutory health agencies involved?

Gardasil programme must be postponed

But what do he National Immunisation Office & its various health-tentacles opt for ?

They propose that all teenage boys should also be vaccinated with self-same culprit dose.

One suspects that is merely to cover their initial erroneous assessment of the situation by piling on more pseudo-statistics to cloud the issue and ‘save their own bacon.’

Given that the vaccine supposedly covers only a percentage of HPV strains, the organism which may give rise to cervical cancer scenarios, and that these are spread predominantly by protracted promiscuity rather than measured and mature sexual practices, why is preventive healthcare not being galvanised?

What we should be doing is acting as parental guides to our teenage children, to advise and support them in healthy sexual development and practice, as appropriate.

Already upwards of 130 young lives in Ireland have been damaged in so many profound ways, to say nothing the anguish for the unsuspecting parents who unwittingly signed the authorisation forms in good faith,.

The problem is that many potential medical whistleblowers are deciding to keep their powder dry,...and their daughters from taking the vaccination!

Jim Cosgrove

Chapel Street


Co Waterford

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