There are no grounds upon which you can liken a legitimate army to jihadists

Bill Russell (Letters, November 25th) draws a moral equivalence between the Gaza war last Summer and the atrocity in Paris by Islamic State.

There are no grounds upon which you can liken a legitimate army to jihadists

It was only a matter of time before the perversity of anti-Israel fanaticism raised its head and tried to use the corpses of murdered French teenagers as political fodder against Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

The war in Gaza last Summer was started by Hamas, yet another Islamist fundamentalist and terrorist group only marginally less psychotic than Islamic state in its theology and methods.

Hamas fired about 4,500 rockets and mortars at Israel, hundreds of them before Israel even retaliated. Hamas, as usual, hid behind women and children while firing those rockets, deliberately exposing civilians to danger from Israel’s military response.

In contrast, the Islamist butchers in Paris on November 13th deliberately tried to kill as many civilians as possible, as Islamist killers have always done around the world ever since Islamist terrorism erupted in the 1980’s.

To draw a moral equivalence between Israel and any other democracy acting in self-defence, and murderous religious totalitarians, is just as grotesque as if someone said the Allies were just as bad as the Nazis because they unfortunately killed a lot of German civilians so as to win the Second World War.

If the moral cowardice of Mr. Russell and others like him, who are all too common in our society, prevail, the West is truly doomed in the long run.

Dr. Derek O’Flynn

Press Officer

Embassy of Israel

Pembroke Rd


Dublin 4

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