We need to look at the Gaza blockade as if it was in our backyard

The territory of Gaza, with a population of about 1.8 million, is smaller than the Isle of Wight off the UK which has a population of about 140,000.

We need to look at the Gaza blockade as if it was in our backyard

Imagine if there were 1.8 million UK citizens on the Isle of Wight cut off from the outside world so that it became virtually impossible for people to leave or enter, whether for reasons related to work, study or even personal or family illness?

Imagine if there was a severe blockade so that there was widespread malnutrition among children.

Imagine if sanitation facilities had been bombed so that there were shortages of water and foul conditions, including open cesspits in which children have drowned.

Imagine living in a hot country with only a few hours of electricity each day because the only power plant had been bombed.

Imagine small farmers and fishermen being shot at, bombed and sometimes killed as they tried to provide food for their families.

That is life for the people of Gaza today. None of this is necessary for the security of Israel.

Brendan O’Brien


Enfield Palestine Solidarity Campaign


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