ISIS are doing what the Nazis planned to in the 1940s but the Allies called a halt

Syria is in a state of collapse. Millions of people are being displaced and refugees are fleeing overseas to often cold welcomes overseas.

ISIS are doing what the Nazis planned to in the 1940s but the Allies called a halt

One hundred thousand relieved Syrian refugees would probably enhance our republic.

Syria was once comprised of myriad cultures and Syria or Assyria existed in ancient times. Damascus is an ancient city, a place where survivors of genocide were often given a home.

Armenians and Circassians must now be asking — where next?

The regime of al Assad debases its position in power as a government by the killing of so many civilians in their homeland.

What use is served by such killing of civilians?

Iran and others need now to counsel that such killing must cease.

The al Assad government controls a strip of ground the loss of which would result in large-scale massacres by Daesh ( ISIS), a crazed force that seeks to erase those who are not of their view. They brutalise and murder to their ends.

The Daesh, unless stopped, will keep women in subjugation permanently.

At least the al Assad regime was secular — accepting that a mosaic of cultures represented Syria.

Powerful nations have had numerous involvements with Syria. Even those in our era have played a part in what has descended upon Syria.

It appears Daesh will erase what was, kill those who oppose and enslave others.

They are making advances in their scheme.

We are let have a glimpse of what had been planned in the 1940s — where criminals impose their ideologies and totalitarianism erases and replaces alternatives.

It is an awful presentiment.

Tom Ryan

The Forts

Dun Bleisce

Co Limerick

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