US beheaded prisoners in Vietnam

Much has been made in the media and by western leaders – most recently taoiseach Enda Kenny - of the so-called Islamic States’ unpleasant habit of beheading prisoners and destroying ancient monuments.

US beheaded prisoners in Vietnam

I agree this is a tragedy on both counts. But in the interests of balance may I remind your readers that US marines in Vietnam not only occasionally beheaded their VC prisoners, but also kept their skulls as grisly souvenirs. The photos still exist to prove it. The extensive My Son temple site in Quang Nam province of Vietnam once contained around 71 beautiful Hindu temples, many built between the 4th and 14th century.

I say ‘once’ because many, if not most of them, were destroyed by US aerial bombardment during the Vietnam war.

Perhaps the US could be subject to the same censure as Islamic State? IS vandals still have a long to way go if they wish to catch up with the depredations of the holier-than-thou United States.

Nick Folley



Co Cork

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