Cork people aren’t being given any input into the future of their harbour

With reference to Kinsale Environment Watch’s concerns (Letters, August 25) regarding a directive from Ministers Alan Kelly and Paudie Coffey.

Cork people aren’t being given any input into the future of their harbour

In Jan of this year, a directive from the minister to change the wording from the then proposed 2015 Waste Management Policy, and replace it with wording specifically favouring incineration technology over others has given renewed impetus to incinerator developers ie Indaver and is anti-competitive.

As a result of incessant lobbying by Indaver and others in the waste management sector, we find the people of Cork have been placed in a most undemocratic position as the directive did not reflect or respect their wishes.

As a direct result, Indaver are threatening to apply once again for a municipal/toxic incinerator on the same site in Cork harbour which has already been judged over and over to be unsuitable, ie it floods, there is coastal erosion, there is an underground gas pipe.

World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on incinerators are that no facilities should be built anywhere near where people gather, this facility would be 50 yards from the International Maritime College, the new Marine Energy Research Campus (Imerc) the Beaufort Institute and the HQ of the Irish Navy on Haulbowline. The consequences of the minister’s directive mean that he has opened a door for a most potentially malignant facility to effect the health and safety of the lives of the population in that area.

It has removed the right of the public to have any meaningful input into our county development plan.

It has helped an incinerator company that for l4 years been stalking Cork Harbour communities.

Chris Ramsden, Mamie Bowen,

C/o Chair Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment (CHASE)

Monkstown/Glenbrook branch

Co Cork

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