We need our Government to demand the truth about the IRA

Poor Ireland, whatever you think about past generations they at least had their leaders of stature.

We need our Government to demand the truth about the IRA

Be it the great Gaelic Lords prior to inviting the English over to take over the country, the great Earldoms of Kildare, Desmond, Tyrone and Ormonde who tried to get us off our knees to fight for our freedom but we preferred to wallow in the mud as long as our overlords gave us enough alcohol and some priests.

Henry Grattan, Wolfe Tone, Lord Edward FitzGerald, O’Connell, Parnell, Redmond, Collins, Cosgrave, de Valera, Lemass, Haughey and FitzGerald. Like them or loath them they held your attention. Then we entered the age of the small minded man and a few women too.

Having had our boom squandered we’ve now had the peace and recovery squandered.

Time and time again the government sides with the same people who caused the crash and protects them at the cost of greater inequality.

But more seriously it also faces a crossroads about whether it will pander to the men of violence or stand up for the truth and face the consequences even if it means lifting the curtain on the charade that is the peace process.

We need the clear and unequivocal truth about the IRA’sactivities.

If the country is going to stand up to terrorism, be it republican or Muslim, then it needs a government that can face down the people of violence.

But if the North is ever to be a civilised society then criminals have to be held to account. The nonsense of republican murals and loyalist marches needs to stop.

The nonsense of pretending the North is part of the South needs to stop.

Like it or not, the six counties are part of the UK and the Union Jack is the official flag of the UK. Get over it — and if you don’t like it — move to the Republic.

The people of the Republic voted for partition when they voted in favour of Treaty candidates. They made their choice. The North should have de-segregated schooling and if parents want their children to be taught about religion let them do it in their own time at the weekend.

Most importantly the British and Irish governments should release their files about their collusion with both sides. Publish and be damned.

As Ireland approaches 1916, we saw at the O’Donovan Rossa farce that Sinn Féin still don’t give their allegiance to the State. The Fine Gael led government was too gutless to stand its ground when faced with an alternative parade.

Sinn Féin gets a lot of money from the taxpayer in London, Belfast and Dublin; we need the truth..

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf


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