It is shameful the Government failed to commemorate genocide

Yesterday I attended the commemoration in Dublin of the Armenian genocide. An Taoiseach Enda Kenny declined an invitation to attend. 

There were no Irish Government representatives. It seems the Irish Government does not want to upset the Turkish Government who have been denying the Armenian genocide for 100 years.

Ireland does far more trade with Turkey than with Armenia. Turkey is an important member of NATO, and our government does not want to offend the US, NATO’s overlord.

The failure to acknowledge genocide ensures other evil states and dictators will be encouraged to commit similar crimes knowing the Armenian genocide was such a dreadful “success” from the Ottoman Turkish government’s perspective.

Hitler learned these lessons and went on to commit the Holocaust against the Jewish people.

Germany had a previous record of “successful” genocide in South West Africa between 1904 and 1907, killing up to 100,000 Herero and Namaqua people.

Idi Amin in Uganda and Mingitsu in Ethiopia both committed acts of genocide against their own people, but both died of old age in luxurious retirement in Saudi Arabia.

Pol Pot died of old age surrounded by his family and supported by the Western powers, almost 30 years after he committed genocide against the Cambodian people.

It is so important to publically acknowledge such crimes of genocide and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Edward Horgan




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Saturday, October 16, 2021

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