We need to instil a duty of care and morals into the professional classes

“All professions are a conspiracy against the laity” — George Bernard Shaw’s observation retains a frightening degree of validity, albeit at the rhetorical end of the social commentary ‘meter’. 

We need to instil a duty of care and morals into the professional classes

Michael Clifford (Irish Examiner, April 15) appositely employs this ‘truism’ to comment on the private cartel of ‘professions’ which operate the planning, development and building schemata peppering the urban and rural landscape.

Of course the unspoken ‘nudge-nudge/wink-wink’ philosophy is deeply woven into many strands of professional networks both statutory and private.

The includes the ineptitude of semi-state bodies, doling out questionable procurement contracts, grants and capital awards or engaging rafts of over-paid advisors for just about everything under the sun. The connivance of the developer ‘big-boys’ who scupper decency for dosh leaves little or nothing for social empathy.

‘Second hand car salesman’ patter is the customary wont of many such ‘faux-professionals’, whose regulatory bodies are attuned to profit, promotion and protection.

Clocking up the business and loading the ‘fees’ are the key tenets of existence. No need for anything like transparency, ethical consideration or moral rectitude.

Jim Cosgrove

Chapel Street


Co Waterford

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