Citizens are one remove from being barcoded

Eircode will soon foist smart location codes upon us. 

Citizens are one remove from being barcoded

We already have to cope with many different numbers for PPS; payroll; bank accounts; bank cards; credit cards; health cards; passports; vehicle registrations, licensing and insurance; club memberships; refuse collections; landlines; mobiles; ESB… as well as various PIN codes.

How can anyone remember all of those details?

Despite inbuilt security, identity theft can be lucrative. Why can’t we have just one number to fit everything? It could follow us from the cradle to the grave.

Our descendants could track our lives with minimal effort. We are all unique and distinct, not merely clones. I am more than just a number. I am a person. I prefer to be known by my name.

Michael Mernagh



Co Cork.

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