Our concerns should focus on all of Mideast

Although I share Clive Hyman’s concern at Professor Ray Kinsella’s objectivity (Letters, September 2) in calling on Irish universities to offer scholarships to young people who have suffered in Gaza, I find his denigration of the twin Irish tragedies of emigration and terrorism, distasteful and offensive.

Our concerns should focus on all of Mideast

Having said this, he does call attention to the fact that by limiting the access to scholarships to the youth of Gaza, Professor Kinsella, indirectly draws attention to the biased academic narrative where the only victims worth helping, are the victims of a supposed Israeli genocide.

While I applaud Professor Kinsella’s educational initiative, I cannot help but wonder, why in this desperately difficult era for the Middle East, he confines his plea to Gaza?

Why not include the youth of Syria or Iraq in the equation, surely after the harrowing reports of the last few weeks they are as deserving as Gaza’s young people. Could it possibly be because they are victims of radical Islamic extremists, rather than purported victims of Israel?

Could it possibly be because by being inclusive, the academic narrative that is biased against Israel would be challenged? Perhaps Prof Kinsella could expand on his suggestion in order to answer my queries.

Dr Kevin McCarthy,

Sean Hales Terrace


Co Cork

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