Impact of wind energy programme on health is open to debate

As outlined in the letters page of August 15, Val Martin is as entitled as any other citizen to use his vote at election time to oppose what he calls the “scourge” of the “wind energy programme”.

But what the effect of that wind energy programme is, in relation to what Martin refers to as “the health impact on residents” and the “impact on the environment”, is open to debate.

When s/he says that the proponents of the programme “show no willingness to engage in the democratic process”, s/he is not stating facts.

The energy programme which, I assume, has been approved by the democratically elected governments of nearly 30 EU countries, says the following: The EU aims to get 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. Renewables include wind, solar, hydro-electric and tidal power as well as geothermal energy and biomass.

More renewable energy will enable the EU to cut greenhouse emissions and make it less dependent on imported energy. And boosting the renewables industry will encourage technological innovation and employment in Europe.

At present Ireland gets less than 10% of its energy from renewables and is dependent on imported energy for over 80% of its needs.

Of the other EU countries Denmark seems to be on the opposite end of that scale and is not dependent on imported energy.

A Leavy

Shielmartin Drive


Dublin 13

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