Israel fulfilling promise to wipe out Palestinians

In last Thursday’s Seanad debate, Senator David Norris said that “the interior minister, Eli Yishai, stated in 2012 that Israel would send Gaza back to the Middle Ages.

Israel fulfilling promise to wipe out Palestinians

Defence deputy minister Matan Vilnai stated that it would visit the Holocaust on the Palestinians. Israel has now achieved these aims, killing 1,600 Palestinians, of whom the vast majority have been civilians, including hundreds of children.

Israel has, since its establishment in 1948, been terrorising its neighbours. Palestinian men, women and children have been driven from their land, murdered, imprisoned and starved.

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, said the shelling by Israel of schools being used as shelters for displaced Palestinians is outrageous and unjustifiable and demands accountability and justice. His hands are tied because the Americans and the British, both heavily influenced by the powerful Jewish lobby (e.g. AIPAC and Friends of Israel), continue to fund and support Israel, and have taken no effective action to stop the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians.

Because Western Governments are taking no action, then the people of Ireland should lead the way, as they did in the successful fight against apartheid, and do everything possible to support the Palestinians, including the imposition of a complete economic boycott on Israel.

John Pittock


Claremont Road,


Co Dublin

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