Shameful Israeli attacks

Western politicians’ equivalence of Israel’s horrific assaults on civilian populations with the insignificant efforts of Hamas to defend the people of Gaza is obscene.

When the two representative bodies of the Palestinian people made a peaceful unity pact, the Israeli Government responded by threatening financial sanctions, walking away from the peace talks, and bombing Gaza, injuring 12 civilians, including children. Now, having provoked the firing of rockets by its rampage through the West Bank (which killed many Palestinians), Israel is raining down terror on a defenceless population. Israel’s latest horrific onslaught has little to do with rocket fire from Gaza. Hysteria is being whipped up in Israel as it uses the excuse of the murder of three Israeli teenagers to punish the entire Palestinian population and dismantle the Fatah/Hamas unity pact. Western politicians and media should bow their heads in shame at the lack of criticism.

Jim Roche

PRO Irish Anti War Movement

PO Box 9260

Dublin 1

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