Accountability for Western aggression needed

Lest we forget, US-led Western military aggression in Afghanistan and the Middle East created chaos, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths and human rights abuses.

After the US withdrawal from Iraq the chaos intensified. Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator, but as a secularist, he suppressed Islamist groups, especially Al Qaeda. US aggression and abuses attracted Al Qaeda into Iraq, and they spread into neighbouring countries.

Mosul and surrounding districts have now fallen to Al Qaeda associated groups known as ISIS. More chaos is likely, leading to the possibility of Iraq fracturing into several pieces. What we are now seeing in Iraq is a foretaste of what will probably happen in Afghanistan within months of the US withdrawal from that country.

This chaotic blowback goes back to roots of Al Qaeda which were planted by the US when they used the Mujahedeen as a proxy militia against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. This terrorist virus has now spread into Syria, where the US was also trying, unsuccessfully, to overthrow the secular Assad regime.

In Egypt the US is now supporting General El-Sisi, the new Mubarak, who overthrew the democratically elected Morsi government. The NATO intervention in Libya has left Libya in chaos, and US and French interventions further south in Chad, Mali and Central African Republic are spreading chaos further into Africa.

After World War II, German and Japanese leaders were executed because they had waged unjustified wars of aggression. Will there be no accountability for Western wars of aggression?

Dr Edward Horgan




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