Electrical output of windfarms of negligible value

Joseph McGinley of Davy Stockbrokers advised in your paper (Irish Examiner, Feb 5) that wind energy is destabilising the Irish grid.

His comments are in line with international studies, including one by the ESB in 2004.

No government has tested the contribution of wind energy at various percentages. The EU, Ireland and Britain have by-passed the legally binding requirement to assess all major projects. But several private studies were independent.

Without that assessment, involving on-the-ground, walk-through measurements, I can only offer my opinion in liaison with scientists and engineers.

My findings are in line with experiences in Denmark, Spain and Germany. The electrical output from wind farms has no market value to consumers of mains electricity. It is forced into the grid on the basis that any green energy is better than none.

The EU makes renewable targets, which can bring no benefit. The problem is that we need power, not energy, and wind plays such havoc with conventional fuel generation that its contribution at low levels is questionable, and at high levels is zero or negative.

It is, therefore, a very expensive and environmentally damaging product. If what I say is even half true, it says something for our future well-being, in the hands of a government that carries on regardless, ignoring the evidence.

If they can make such a monumental blunder in energy, what must they be doing in other departments?

Val Martin

European Platform Against Wind Farms


Co Cavan

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