We’re lucky to have him

Aren’t we so lucky to have men with the stature of José Manuel Barroso at the helm in Europe? With outstanding logic he explains that if any European bank ‘causes a problem for Europe’ in future, Irish banks will have to take their share of the losses.

Europe insisted Ireland could not let our banks go to the wall and our government buckled to the pressure in 2008.

If Europe followed Barroso’s logic when Germany ‘caused a problem for Europe’ in World War II there would have been no Marshall Aid, no European Union and no second rate thinkers like Mr Barroso.

I wonder what would have happened if the Irish had refused to take the hit and the State defaulted on the German banks who stupidly loaned the money. Is European solidarity only for the big countries?

Barry Keane

Glendalough Park

The Lough


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