Tragi-comedy over organ issue

Your editorial (Aug 21) parsing the “pantomime” performance of the Seanad’s summer sitting, strikes a resolutely resonant ‘cluster-chord’ for the total overhaul of legislative process and statutory governance.

Whether Wolfgang Amadeus would be comfortable with his operas being touted as comparisons to this fiasco is hard to confirm — “The Seanad was a bit like one of Mozart’s great operas yesterday, one where pantomime is used to shield us from the darkest inevitabilities facing humanity”.

Perhaps “Wriggle-outo” or “Cosy-fan-tut-tut” might fit the bill. (With apology to Guiseppe and Wolfgang.)

The fallacious contrivances employed to camouflage the key underlying organ donation issues owe more to self-promotional chicanery than any authentic concern for the priority plight of patients requiring urgent transplants.

The candid, clear and forthright approach to this dilemma by Joe Brolly, David Hickey and others would appear to rankle with some sinecured incumbents pulling the strings within the world of organ donation. Of course many of the national associations, and charitable agencies which heroically purport to fly the flag for healthcare reform in different areas, are top-heavy with well-paid ‘coasters’. Upstarts, like Brolly, who tell it as it is, rock the boat of self-convenience and padded purse.

The extrapolation of James Reilly’s solo run in signing-off on the EU directive on organ donation, to the wider issue of executive concentration of power is not a fully convincing potion to dilute the degree of farce and fallacy associated with the Seanad recall. As you rightly conclude: “The summer demand performance epitomised so much of what is tragic and dysfunctional about our political life.”

A veritable tragi-comedy of which Mozart would surely be proud.

Jim Cosgrove


Co Waterford

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