Silence over US military’s use of Shannon

Over the past few weeks Shannon Airport has featured in the news a number of times.

On Aug 7 a US Airways flight from there was met by emergency services at Philadelphia Airport following a bomb threat.

A day later the media reported that around 100 people were left stranded at Shannon following a technical problem on an Aer Lingus plane.

At the end of July the world’s largest passenger jet touched down at Shannon. And in early Aug 7 it was reported that after five years of declining passenger figures, Shannon achieved a second successive month of growth as July passenger numbers increased by over 9%.

However, it is notable that in all the press releases and media coverage relating to Shannon Airport there is never any mention of its use by the US military.

Surely a bomb threat would have generated some speculation about links to the US military presence, given that it occurred at a time when the world’s media was talking up a heightened terrorist threat to US embassies and citizens?

And shouldn’t reports about the number of passengers passing through Shannon have included some information about the regular plane loads of troops?

Is this just a consequence of the hegemonic discourse that pervades in many western countries today?

Or is it because the media have been asked to downplay our support for US imperialism, and are obediently doing what government asks? And if so, what is the objective?

One explanation is that we are being taken on an inexorable path towards full and open support of US/Nato policy, with the case for Nato membership soon to be foisted on the Irish people.

We may well see this being attempted on the basis of the ongoing practice of providing support for the US military at Shannon.

If this were so, it would be one of the most dishonest moves yet from a government that has done a lot of dishonest things.

John Lannon




Co Limerick

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