Surely they knew about bank tapes

I am more shocked and angry that people like the Taoiseach, Minister for Finance and others, claim that they too are shocked and angry at the revelations from the Anglo tapes.

How can it be possible that after over two years in office Mr Kenny and Mr Noonan didn’t even know these tapes existed? This means that neither of them have actually taken any proactive steps when they took office to find out what information is available and to secure it, even if it never sees the light of day of an inquiry. But I suppose we shouldn’t forget that we are talking about the generation of men who have made it their life goal to create a political system where no one is accountable for anything, and where transparency is ruthlessly killed at birth. What if those tapes had been deleted or the person who kept them never mentioned them?

Yet again what this shows above all is that there is still a golden circle in Ireland and that when a person gets a ministerial office they undergo some sort of mental conversion to become the protector of the insider. It must be smell of the leather in the Merc that triggers it, and issues that would have them screaming just days before in opposition are suddenly of no consequence. If Mr Kenny was really as angry as he claims to be, then Ireland would be way further down the road of public service reform.

But of course it isn’t because he politically came of age in the 1970s and he is part of the generation who planted the seeds of corruption which have now rotted every pillar of society to the core, from the inside out. The generation who turned a blind eye to church and State abuse of children and vulnerable adults, corporate and personal tax abuses and who put in place one of the world’s weakest regulatory frameworks.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to fix Ireland’s problems. But the person with the power to do so now needs to have ethics and vision and guts. Even two out of three would be nice but we are led by a man who has none and who will in turn be replaced by a line of men and women who also have none. As a country our ‘democratic revolution’ was as much of a sham as any post-communist election in eastern Europe. Same faces, different name.

A country has never been so let down by the calibre of politicians her own people chose time and time again, despite being fully aware of their flaws. So we set off on the merry-go-round again where the public and media claim to be outraged, do nothing about it and then we re-elect the same sort of person and then wonder why nothing changes.

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf


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