Silence on septic tank controversy

The septic tank controversy seems to have slipped off the political radar.

The Government has gone noticeably silent about it lately.

They are supposed to be running the country even when the Dáil is on yet another long holiday. Pardon me for being sceptically thankless.

Householders with septic tanks have until Friday, Sept 28, to register at an introductory fee of just €5. After that date the fee goes up to €50 (for the moment). People can register online and pay up at the website (That name seems quaintly Orwellian.)

According to the census of 2011, over a quarter of all permanent private households in the state have a septic tank.

The lack of publicity to alert them to register and pay does a civil disservice to this significant minority.

Ultimately, their votes will be decisive.

If all the owners of septic tanks pay their €5 by the due date, it should yield just over €2 million to the Exchequer. Charging them €50 each would generate over €20m.

The scheme does not seem worthwhile.

Michael Mernagh


Co Cork

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