Tunnel vision over FF financial soundbytes

Recent soundbytes by Fianna Fáil regarding the Government’s insolvency bill and how it needs to “provide light at the end of a dark tunnel” would do well to remember where that tunnel originates.

Years of recklessness in dealing with the purveyors of a property boom and bust, including the non-regulation of banks selling 100% mortgages without foundation, were facilitated by a Fianna Fáil-led administration. This is something that should not be forgotten when party leaders and finance spokesmen speak “in opposition”.

It should not be forgotten, similarly, that despite election rhetoric, ordinary mortgage holders — especially those who have lost jobs and those whoseaffordable housing contracts have so utterly changed since day one — have yet to be given a crumb of comfort by the present FG/Labour administration that is hardly inspiring us with confidence. Patience is running out: will those being paid hundreds of thousands to run this country please start doing their jobs?

Cllr Mick Finn (Ind)

6 Annmount Friars Walk


53 TDs are enough

Some commentators claim we have too many TDs. An analytical approach says they are correct.

Twelve European countries in the OECD with populations of over three million have bicameral parliaments. Draw a graph of the numbers in their lower houses against the populations they represent. The graph suggests subtracting 113 from the number of seats in each country. Divide the answers by 7.2. Ireland could function just as well with only 53 TDs.

Michael Mernagh


Co Cork

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