Goal management receptive and open to constructive reform

I was surprised at the article in Saturday’s (Feb 4) Irish Examiner citing a culture of secrecy and resistance to reform at the senior management level in Goal.

My experience to date, since taking up the role as chairman of Goal’s Board, is in total variance with the implications made by the ex-board director cited in the article.

On the contrary, I have regularly met with the senior management in the organisation and have found them wholly receptive and open to constructive reform and improvement of internal systems. I have found no culture of secrecy, but rather a working environment that is open to engagement in all of these issues. I would also like to stress that we have a properly structured Audit and Risk Committee and Remuneration Committee that reports to the board directly.

With regards to the audit report cited in this article and in other publications, it states categorically that Goal’s internal systems of financial control and governance are appropriate and effective.

It also states, emphatically, the Department of Foreign Affairs’ satisfaction that the money donated by them was spent in total accordance with the Government’s aims and that all funds were accounted for properly.

There were a number of recommendations made within the audit report that Goal is in the process of addressing or had already addressed. Goal’s CEO and its management welcome these as constructive suggestions and look forward to enjoying their benefits once in place.

I myself, together with another Goal board director, have met with senior members of the Department of Foreign Affairs in recent weeks, including their most senior audit manager.

I was reassured by them of the continued good working relationship with Goal and their satisfaction with the quality of work undertaken by Goal on their behalf in the developing world, with Goal’s internal systems of control and the process in hand to address the audit’s outstanding recommendations.

Pat O’Mahony

Board chairman

Goal Dun Laoghaire

Co Dublin

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