How many presidents do we really need?

YOUR recent editorial (November 15) was spot-on.

It highlighted how European democracy is under financial siege. That prompts the classic question.

How many Eurocats at the very top does it take to make another fine mess of the European dream?

There appear to be three of them. Two were unelected. One is the President of the European Union.

Another is the President of the European Commission.

Ar least the people elected the President of the European Parliament. Would the real President of Europe please stand up?

Imagine the public outcry there would be if we had three presidents in this country.

There would be letters to the paper if secular Ireland copied the nomenclature of the hierarchy for Armagh and Dublin.

We might then have a President of All Ireland and a President of Ireland.

Why does Ireland need a president at all?

The best way to solve that eternal debate might be to copy the American model and elect an executive president. I am glad that our nation once again has an excellent president. Exceptional people have graced that office in recent history.

I look forward with eagerness to the new era of Michael D Higgins. Maybe I’ll get a cup of tea at the garden party.

Please pass me a plate of those cucumber sandwiches.

Michael Mernagh



Co Cork

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