Give us the chance to scrap the Presidency

THE motley aspirants to the position of President of Ireland prompt me to suggest that when the presidential ballot paper is being prepared, serious consideration must be devoted by the Government to providing all Irish people with the opportunity to do away with the office.

All the Government needs do is make certain that “Abolish the Office of President” is the first choice on the ballot paper.

Since Fine Gael and Labour appear to be caught between a rock and a hard place (as they blame our current woes on the irresponsibility’s of a previous government, and our future woes on the mandarins in Brussels) both parties should be delighted to be able to present the Irish people with the prospect of diverting quite sizeable funds to more deserving needs.

In the happy event that the people’s choice is to abolish the office, then the necessary legislation can be enacted as soon as possible and the Taoiseach, or Tánaiste, can perform the dual role, at no extra remuneration.

Urgent arrangements must also be made to permit all our fellow Irish men and women, forced to live abroad, to exercise their rights by means of a postal vote in this all-important election. If this Government really cares about people, then this is an opportunity to demonstrate that care.

Surely this is also an opportunity to fulfil the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement by ensuring that all people in Northern Ireland are provided with the opportunity to vote in the election of President of Ireland. Or has this Government also forgotten about the Good Friday Agreement and its implications?

Patrick Murray

Mulvey Park


Dublin 14

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