Exhibition an insult to the Virgin Mary

MAY I please address UCC’s decision to host an exhibit that insults Our Lady this weekend.

I would first like to explain to those involved that Mary is our “mother” and that such an insult is very personal to us. I would also ask the president of UCC, Dr Murphy and the head of the Hispanic Studies Department, Ms Finnegan, if they have looked at the exhibition/speaker’s website to see just how premeditated the insult is. The website boasts of the controversy that “Our Lady of Controversy” causes and jeers at people like myself that it upsets. If someone for whatever reason craves this kind of negative attention, should UCC accommodate that and pretend that it is doing so to demonstrate Hispanic culture? One year ago, I attended the funeral of the former head of this department, Professor Terrance Folley. In the eulogy at the end of Mass, the speaker described an academic who had a deep commitment to UCC, to his students, to the Spanish language and to all aspects of Hispanic culture. He told of the work Prof Folley did to build a vibrant department in UCC. The eulogist also described Prof Folley’s deep devotion to Our Lady. Would Dr Murphy and Ms Finnegan consider canceling the exhibit in appreciation and respect for Prof Folley’s contribution to the department and university?

I would like to invite Dr Murphy and Ms Finnegan to learn about the beauty and importance of the truly miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and of motherly love and concern that are expressed in the message associated with it. I am confident that with this knowledge of the real image so crudely scorned in the exhibit, they would immediately cancel this event. And if they are not able or willing to consider this invitation, then I would at the least ask them to ask themselves, if they would even think of offending Muslims with an insulting caricature of the Prophet who they revere. As I am sure they would not, then I would ask them to consider why they think it is okay to insult Our Lady who we, as Catholics, revere?

Kathy Sinnott


Co Cork

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