Wrongs still not put right

I HAVE read all the reasons given by members of the public and our government why the Queen of England should be invited to visit our city and country.

Most believed it would boost our tourist industry and put Cork on the world map. I thought that was the job of our tourist board. The last time we had a visit by a British presence we were put on the world in no uncertain manner, they burned our city down and our city hall for good measure. Then they wore burnt corks in their caps to celebrate the occasion.

We are still waiting for an apology for all the wrongs endured by us at the hands of our near neighbours who still have dominion over six of our counties. When we rebelled, they sent in an army just back from the Great War to teach us a lesson. When all these wrongs have been put right, then maybe, we should invite the Queen of England to our country.

Denis Barrett

Cork city

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