We should be better than the terrorists

REGARDING Fergus Finlay’s article, “Yes we should celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden” (Opinion, May 3), please permit me to make the following observations:

* If the attack of 9/11 was not based on America’s foreign policy in the Middle East, what was it based on? US support for the Palestinians? Of course not. It is/was based on the desire to control the oil reserves of that region.

* Mr Finlay states “what nobody wanted was the war against terrorism would become a war against Islam”. Yet, it become from a significant majority of Muslims’ view throughout the world, other than a “war of civilisations”.

* Mr Finlay’s suggestion that “we should celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden” makes the “we” little different than the terrorist. “We” should never get down in the gutter with those who are already in it.

“We” should rise above those who hold life with disdain and set a good moral example.

Vincent J Lavery


Co Dublin

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