Abandon the ‘con-jab’ vaccine

YOU are to be commended for your excellent coverage of the dangerous cervical cancer vaccine (August 30).

The Government must instruct the HSE immediately to withdraw the vaccine Gardasil in the interest of public health. It is nothing short of a medical ‘con-jab’.

Almost 80 deaths of young girls are associated with the vaccine and thousands of adverse side-effects, including paralysis, blindness and Guillain-Bairre Syndrome have been documented. This number is considered the tip of the iceberg.

Gardasil is being promoted as a cancer vaccine. It is not.

It is a vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease that may, in some cases, lead to cancer. It would appear the emotive issue of cancer is being exploited so as to increase the worldwide acceptance (and sales) of this dangerous drug.

It is estimated Gardasil has already earned in excess of €23 billion dollars in sales.

What is even more alarming is that in its report to the Food and Drug Administration , which is a federal agency in the US, Merck, the Gardasil manufacturer, expressed “concern” regarding the administration of the vaccine to girls who are already affected with two strains of the virus, namely 16 and 18.

The chart supplied by Merck in that report, indicated that if the cervical cancer vaccine was administered to such girls, it would increase their risk of developing cervical cancer by 44.6%.

Despite this alarmingly high chance of causing cancer, no screening is being done to rule out the presence of strain 16 or 18 of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in girls before vaccination. Why is the Government and the HSE ignoring this fact and placing girls at risk?

The HSE information leaflet is dangerously flawed. It has failed to alert parents or young girls to the full facts about this vaccine and made no mention that many deaths have been reported.

It would appear the HSE is being used as a marketing agent for Merck and young girls are the ‘guinea pig’ consumers.

Parents are entitled to the full facts before making an informed decision about the vaccine.

In India, two states suspended their vaccination programme after four young girls died. What is the HSE waiting for?

It is imperative that this vaccination programme is abandoned immediately before Irish girls are added to the list of casualties.

Theresa Heaney




Co Cork

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