Callely needs Dáil seat to save his skin

IN case any readers are confused why Fianna Fáil now feels Ivor Callely has “brought the party into disrepute” and should be ejected from the party and to consider resigning from the Oireachtas, when the most outrage it could muster against Beverly Flynn, who was proven in a court of law to have actively facilitated tax dodging, was to remove the party whip, they need to understand Fianna Fáil doesn’t depend on Callely’s vote to stay in office so he is expendable.

However, what is the even more heinous crime in the eyes of Fianna Fáil, is that Callely also broke the cardinal rules which are not to get caught but if you do, then do nothing that draws attention to your colleagues.

So not only did Callely get caught, he refused to take his pathetically ineffectual “punishment” and as a result we are all now wondering how many other Oireachtas members submitted invoices for expenses in the same way Callely did. So to save his skin all Callely needs to do is win a Dáil seat. There are a few by-elections due soon and given the stupidity of most Irish voters, who are incapable of linking who they vote for and the mess the country is in, I’d say Callely stands a good chance of winning in whichever one he stands.

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf


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