Believers are the real victims of discrimination

FOR Andrew Doyle’s information (‘Democracy is abour rights of all’, Letters February 17), my statistics about people’s belief in God come from the Eurobarometer poll 2005 (Letters, February 13).

It can be googled easily without a load of numbers. In it, 73% of people in Ireland believe in God, 22% believe in a spirit of life force (in other words some kind of god or other) and the small remainder, 5%, believe in nothing.

Mr Doyle insinuates that I say we should discriminate against and take away the rights of minority groups. I never said anything of the sort. The only discrimination in this country is against people with religious beliefs. If there’s a “dictatorship”, it’s against us.

There is a push now by a few to take the Angelus off the air, close Catholic schools, bring in abortion on demand and euthanasia – all this against the will of the majority of the people. Where are our rights?

Everyone can’t be accommodated in a democracy. That’s an impossible dream. Paedophiles feel they have rights also to live as they wish. Other feel they have the right to take hard drugs. Cannibals might feel they have the right to eat other humans. Where do rights stop? Where they affect others?

A woman’s so-called right to choose affects unborn human beings. They die because of it. But this doesn’t stop countries bringing it in, does it?

The bottom line of my original letter, which was completely misunderstood by Mr Doyle, is that we should have a say in whether we are defined as a secular or Christian country. We should have a referendum on it. Whatever the result, it would be the democratic will of the people. If we are defined as a Christian country, how is it any worse than being defined as an atheist country even though 73%-95% believe in God?

Eamon Reilly



Co Westmeath

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