De Búrca has done the right thing

SENATOR Déirdre De Búrca has shown with understated brilliance how an honourable person resigns from a party she can no longer be a part of with dignity.

De Búrca has put in the hard slog, and agreed to enter coalition with honourably intentions.

She is no flighty passer-true. De Búrca has carefully reviewed her conscience and concluded that based on her own parties almost forgotten ethical base position, now utterly betrayed, that she had no choice other than to resign.

Ms de Búrca’s eyewitness account of what is going on within government at present is truly earth shattering. She has described how the parliamentary party recognises that the so-called “revised” programme for government was nothing more that a PR stunt, designed to fool there own members, so long championed as the bedrock of the party.

The description of how the Greens have been reduced to begging Fianna Fáil to allow them some influence is sad and the information that the Greens accept that Fianna Fail is holding a gun to their heads, regarding their fear of electoral annihilation, is disturbing.

De Búrca should brace herself though. The Greens decent into the pit of complete political indignity is not yet finished. The grubby Fianna Fáil doormat will not recognise or understand any of de Búrca’s resignation statement; they have gone to the “other side”.

The next few days will see her depicted as a crank, highly strung, and not able to fully understand the responsibilities of power, and the coup-de-gras, she is somehow “bitter”.

The evidence against the Green party remaining in power is indisputable. If they were on trial for murdering their own principles, they would each get a 100 years hard labour.

The only tough choice they are making is to fight off the pathetic remnants of their once high minded responsible conscience.

De Búrca can take some solace from the knowledge that when all the froth settles, the history books will depict her as making a well-tempered, incisive and utterly convincing resignation statement, which all right minded Irish people, will support and appreciate.

Well done Déirdre de Búrca, you have done yourself, politics, and our country some service.

Declan Doyle



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