Money is funny, so let’s rename the euro

EVERY day the newspaper headlines highlight millions, billions and trillions of euro.

Money has become so meaningless that accountants are finding it impossible to count any more.

We might as well be dealing in old Italian lira or in Zimbabwean dollars for that matter.

Europe could devalue 1,000 old euro to equal one new euro. The new euro might be called the “neuro”.

The disadvantage would be that 10 old euro would equal one new cent. Anything priced less that one new cent would have to be given away for nothing.

A better idea would be to keep the old euro, but to adopt a more comprehensible system of counting. The cure would be to designate 1,000 old euro as one K-euro”.

We could call it the “keuro” and let “keuriosity” kill the fat cats.

Fat cats mew loudly. If they grow tired of thousands of euro, they can move on to millions of euro – or “meuro”.

Billions of euro would then be exchanged by the “beurocats”.

“Treuro” (or trillions of euro) would become the new capital of Europe.

The world has gone financially mad. It needs some arithmetical redemption.

Michael Mernagh



Co Cork

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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