In a superstate of deception

WE should call our politicians to account for their deliberate attempts to deceive us about the true nature of the Lisbon treaty and their contrivance to manipulate the information we receive so as to influence us without our knowledge.

None of these recent revelations, though, should surprise anyone who understands how the EU operates. The whole EU project is built on deceit.

From the very start the intention was to construct a federal superstate, but this was carefully concealed from the public. The main force behind this was Frenchman Jean Monnet, who scorned not only independent European nations, but even intergovernmental cooperation.

For him only a federalist superstate would suffice. He also realised this would never be acceptable to the general European public so the ruse of carefully concealing it was employed from the start.

For example, British Prime Minister Edward Heath was fully aware, even as far back as the 1970s, that he was surrendering Britain’s powers of self-government, but evidence demonstrating this only came to light 30 years later from confidential papers released by the Foreign Office.

When Margaret Thatcher discovered the EU’s federalist agenda, it was already too late and she subsequently became a target of ridicule for her efforts to oppose its development. Before our very eyes then, we are being sucked into a political project with totalitarian potential — a massive one-party state which has been constructed without any kind of democratic mandate by an elite with an agenda of their own.

The renowned Russian dissident, Bukovsky, who spent 12 years in Soviet jails, camps and institutions, and who once was considered as a candidate for vice-president of Russia, has compared the EU to the former Soviet Union and described it as a “monster”.

The parallels he lists between the two include massive bureaucracy, the push to create a centrally controlled economy, the lack of accountability, the continual introduction of ideology.

The smear tactics used by the EU elite against opponents also resonate of Soviet tactics. Bertie Ahern’s comments about “lulas” should be viewed in this light. In Britain, opponents of European integration have been called “headbangers.” Bukovsky, too, was categorised as mad and was consigned to psychiatric institutions and gulags. The EU elite haven’t gone that far — not yet. But the structure they’re constructing certainly has that potential. Irish voters have a unique chance to dismantle this alien edifice in June.

Michael O’Driscoll

146 Blackrock Road


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