Beach project ‘not sustainable’

CLEVERLY concealed under the cloak of the general election was a deadline for observations/objections regarding a proposed major development in Clonea, Co Waterford.

Perhaps it was just coincidental, but I think otherwise.

Has anyone noticed how our beautiful coastlines are being bought up, bit by bit, for private and exclusive use.

In Clonea, access routes to our blue flag beach are limited enough, and I believe we should demand more public space along our seafront.

This proposed massive development is not sustainable. And to suggest using our cycle and walking path as the main road into it shows complete disregard for those who fought hard to achieve this wonderful amenity for everyone.

This development, if allowed to go ahead, will destroy the ecological environment in Clonea.

Anyone out walking towards the Ballinclamper side of Clonea will have noticed the abundant animal and plant life.

The rock pools are bursting with sea life, the various seaweeds and plants are an educational ‘live’ show — a biologist’s field trip dream.

Do we want to leave to our children beaches void of living sea creatures for them to look at and learn? The days of crab-catching, periwinkle-picking, discovering and exploring rock pools are limited enough with our global environmental problems. We don’t need to end it sooner.

I realise that economic activity is necessary, but it is vital also that we retain the scarce and precious resources that will be needed by future generations.

It is all a question of balance. Do we really need the size and scale of this proposed development in Clonea?

Too much of the natural beauty in our country is being lost to huge developments such as this. All over the country, groups or individuals are desperately trying to preserve their own environments. Legal battles are very costly to those individuals who undertake them, both financially and emotionally. Wouldn’t it be remarkable if we the people of Dungarvan and beyond were to pledge, say, 50 to 100, from each household to buy out the developer and create an environmentally and family- friendly public park so that we can continue to enjoy all that Clonea has to offer us — free of charge? I will be the first to donate 100. Who will follow?

Audrey Ní Allacháin



Co Waterford

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