No evidence to link cannabis to heart conditions

I WAS staggered to read such nonsense in the article ‘Cannabis can trigger fatal heart conditions’ (Irish Examiner, May 3), in which it was reported that a tiny amount of cannabis was found in the system of a man who died due to a defective heart.

For some unknown reason, you linked the use of minor amounts of cannabis with the unfortunate death of this man.

It is irresponsible and disingenuous to imply that cannabis ‘can trigger’ such events. If the victim had eaten some grapes prior to his demise, would you be headlining the dangers of grapes for heart patients who have an undiagnosed ailment?

This is the worst kind of ‘yellow journalism’, reminiscent of my nation’s media and their attempts to demonise that for which there is no scientific evidence of harm, by making spurious allegations unsupported by medical evidence.

The facts are that the poor fellow had a bad heart and no doubt would have died the same day at the same time no matter what he had consumed days prior.

No evidence links cannabis with the onset of cardiac events of any kind.

Rich Moore

345 Lyle Downs Rd


North Carolina 28734


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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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