Heroin addict claims ex left her in fear by ripping away her last €50 

Accused, who denied taking woman's money or breaching protection order, given suspended sentence
Heroin addict claims ex left her in fear by ripping away her last €50 

The woman said she was using heavily at the time.

A young woman who was buying heroin in Cork city claimed that her ex-boyfriend put her in fear by ripping her last €50 out of her hand and then laughed at her that she would be sick for the day without feeding her addiction.

The scenario was described at an in camera hearing of Cork District Court where the woman’s ex-partner denied taking the money or otherwise breaching the protection order.

Judge Alec Gabbett convicted him of breaching the protection order. 

Eddie Burke, solicitor, said there had been no further difficulties between the parties. He also said that the accused man was presently recovering from very serious injuries.

In all the circumstances, Judge Gabbett said he would impose a two-month suspended prison sentence.

The complainant said: “I was going getting drugs. A drug dealer that me and (defendant) know, deals down there by UCC.

“(Defendant) was inside the skateboard park. He tried to call me. He has robbed me and beat me up before. I said I am not going in but the drug dealer walked into the skate park so I went in.

“He (defendant) ripped €50 out of my hand when I was trying to do the swap between me and your man. I said ‘You can’t rob me — that’s all I have, I need that €50.’

“He just started laughing at me and said: ‘You’re going to be sick for the day.’ I was using heavily at the time. He said: ‘I can’t believe I am getting away with robbing and harassing you around the place'.” 

Cross-examining the complainant, Mr Burke said the accused gave her €50 and never took it from her.

She denied this, saying the defendant was “the tightest person” and there was no way she would ask him for money.

“There are 10 or 20 fellas that would give me €50 if I needed it,” she added.

Mr Burke said the defendant indicated that the complainant said to him on the day: 'Get me a bag and I will get you one the next day'. 

The complainant repeated that she never said that to him and that he ripped the €50 out of her hand.

Becoming emotional as she left the witness box at the end of her cross-examination, the complainant said to Judge Gabbett: “I am sorry for being upset.”

Although she was told to confine her complaints to what happened on the day at the skate park on the Mardyke, she said that he had assaulted and humiliated her on previous occasions.

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