'He was walking around with not a care in the world while we all suffered in silence'

David Barry has been jailed for sexually assaulting boy scouts at his home over a number of years. The survivors of the scout leader's abuse give their victim impact statements here
'He was walking around with not a care in the world while we all suffered in silence'

David Barry.

David Barry has been jailed for five years for sexually assaulting boy scouts at his home over a number of years. 

The survivors of the former scout leader's abuse have told how the sex assaults he inflicted on them have devastated their lives.

Read their victim impact statements here.

Victim 1

“As a young boy the accused gave me alcohol in his home and he also gave it to other young boys in my presence. He exposed us to pornography on the TV. He made us shower two at a time in his en suite. I wondered afterward if you used to record us, with you being a professional photographer after all.

"Now that I am older, I understand clearly your deception. Dedicating significant portions of your time to getting access to young boys using the CBSI as your facilitaror.

“I can see how you fooled scout leaders, gardaí, TDs, parents and media alike into thinking you were an upstanding citizen. All those years doing Santa’s grotto in Wilton — the flash car, the businessman, the scout leader.

“The reality, which has finally been exposed, paints a very different picture.

You were, in fact, the rotten apple in the great community.

"Now it is time for justice for me and all your victims.

“I found out on my wedding day that I was not the only one you had interfered with. It was then I knew it was time to take action.

"I felt it was time the paedophile was exposed for what you are.

"It would take many years more for me to have the confidence to do it and I am glad I have done it."

Victim 2

“Your vile self-gratification, your lies, your deceit had had a profound negative effect on our lives. In a mendacious and manipulative fashion you have betrayed every trust placed in you.

“For your own venal reasons you betrayed the trust of your friends, family and our society.

“Your actions over the years are manifestly unforgivable and your manipulation of innocents shows cunning, forethought and a careful, planned process which demonstrates your so-called apology is insincere and cannot be taken as valid.

You engineered situations where you would abuse us for your own pleasure with no thought of the consequences to your victims.

“I hope that we will succeed and move on with our lives but your vile actions will continue to affect us.” 

Victim 3

“I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to read this out loud. I wish I could stand here today and tell you that I have been strong and this had no impact on my life but I can’t. I can’t because what he did has haunted me for over 30 years.

“I didn’t deserve this. I lived a blissful childhood until I joined the scouts and met Dave Barry. He stole my youth and my innocence.

"His abuse left me utterly distraught, confused and lost. I lived in a constant state of fear. I was trapped. Every time I tried to leave the scouts, he manipulated the situation ensuring I stayed.

“There was one occasion when a family holiday clashed with a scouting trip. I was so relieved I was going to avoid the scouting trip.

"But Dave Barry told my parents I had confided in him that I wanted to go with the scouts. Behind my back he arranged things so I went on the scouting trip while my family went on holiday.

I will never forget the sheer terror of that time.

“Dealing with the never-ending threat of a panic attack has defined my actions for as long as I can remember. I have left jobs due to being too unwell to go to work and being too ashamed to explain why.

“I have lost businesses because I couldn’t face meetings with banks, accountants and customers.

“There was no way I could explain to anyone else what was going on when I didn’t understand myself. I’ve had enough of the relentless guilt, shame and fear.” 

He added that he would not be here but for the support of his parents, wife, children and siblings and the professionalism of detective gardaí Gary Duggan and Maurice Shanley.

Victim 4

Another victim, who is now aged 44, said the abuse had deeply affected his time in school, college and in relationships.

“I can remember him giving us alcohol at a young age. He would bring us over to the house in a group and separate us to sleep in different rooms and then abuse us. I just remember the shock and not knowing what was going on.

He used his position of power and trust to groom us.

I remember him ringing my own mother saying it was okay to stay in his house and he would look after us.

“As I got older and became intimate with partners, the memories of the abuse came back to me and affected that intimacy.

"He was walking around with not a care in the world while we all suffered in silence.

“I believe the abuse was a factor in the break-up of my marriage and my performance in work as I had to take time off due to depression.

“I had seen him only recently in a coffee shop. When I saw him I walked out and while sitting in the car I realised I had done nothing wrong. I went back in and ordered my coffee. He was not going to have a hold over me anymore.

“David Barry might think he has destroyed our lives but this is not the case. I write this statement to let everyone know that justice will prevail.

“If anyone has suffered abuse at the hands of someone please come forward and report it. The gardaí are on your side and will help you get justice.”

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