Ian Bailey 'probably won't see' new series on killing of Sophie Toscan du Plantier 

Ian Bailey 'probably won't see' new series on killing of Sophie Toscan du Plantier 

Ian Bailey says he might not see Sky's five-part series, Murder at the Cottage, based on the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier in 1996. He had a smile for the camera as he set up his stall at the Farmers Market in Schull, West Cork. Picture Dan Linehan

Ian Bailey has said he 'probably won't see' a new documentary series on the death of French filmmaker Sophie Toscan du Plantier because he doesn't have the TV channel. 

Mr Bailey is unsure if he will get to watch  Murder at the Cottage, Jim Sheridan's five-part documentary that airs on Sky Crime on Sunday night. 

"I don't get the channel so I probably won't see it," he said at Schull Farmers Market today. 

Mr Bailey was found guilty of the 1996 murder of the filmmaker when tried in absentia by a court in France. He has never been charged in Ireland and has always maintained his innocence, describing the French case as a show trial that was designed to find him guilty. 

The Sky documentary has come under criticism from the du Plantier family, with reports saying they are unhappy with the portrayal of Mr Bailey. 

Mr Bailey responded: "It's Jim Sheridan's project. I've just been facilitating him and cooperating with it."

The Sky Crime documentary comes ahead of a June 30 Netflix series.

When asked about the upcoming Netflix series, Mr Bailey says he believes it will be "demonising propaganda". "I'm hopeful I might be proved wrong," he said.

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