Covid-19: Majority of people in Ireland likely to get vaccine - survey

Covid-19: Majority of people in Ireland likely to get vaccine - survey

A Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is prepared. File Picture.

The majority of people in Ireland have said they will get the Covid-19 vaccine, according to new research.

Some 38% of Irish people have said they will definitely get it, with a further 33% saying they will probably get the vaccine. More than one in 10 people (11%) have said they definitely will not get it.

The results come from a study by WIN International, of which RED C Research is the Irish member, with the survey exploring the views and beliefs of 26,757 people from 32 countries across the globe about the pandemic.

Of the 71% of people who will either definitely or probably get the jab, slightly more men were in favour at 76%, compared to 66% of women.

People in the over-55 category (81%), as well as higher social grades (77%), are most likely to say they will get the vaccine.

Globally, Ireland is on par. 71% of people around the world said that definitely or probably get it.

Vietnam (98%), India and China (both 91%) had the highest number of respondents who said they would definitely or probably get the jab.

In Ireland, the first Covid-19 vaccinations will be rolled out tomorrow, it has been confirmed.

Government performance

The survey also asked people to assess the Government's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Ireland, 63% of people felt the Government had performed well in handling the crisis.

12% agreed that the Government had performed very well in its handling of the pandemic while 51% said they were handling it “pretty good”.

13% said that it was being handled “very badly”.

Comparatively, only 35% of people in the UK felt their government was handling the pandemic well.

The capacity of the health system in Ireland was criticised in the survey with more than half rating it poorly.

21% rated the capacity of the health system in Ireland “very badly” with 30% rating it “rather badly”. 

Just 6% rated it as performing “very well”.


Travel is also off the cards in most people's eyes for 2021.

Just under 4 in 10 Irish people (38%) say that are either very likely or quite likely to take a foreign holiday next year.

29% say that they are not at all likely to holiday abroad in the new year while 8% don’t know.

Almost half of the people in the 18-34 age category (45%) say that they are likely to go on a holiday abroad next year.

Ireland compares similarly with other European countries in this regard.

39% of Germans and 37% of people in the UK say that they are likely to travel abroad for a holiday next year.

India (60%) has the highest number of people likely to go abroad next year.

“This survey is a valuable tool to anticipate the pandemic scenario in 2021,” said Vilma Scarpino, President of WIN International Association.

“The willingness to get vaccinated is an evidence of the strong desire of getting back to normal, considering that citizens in many countries lack of confidence in their health system. 

"In 2021, people will be more cautious and are not planning to travel yet. 

"Based on these results, it will be interesting to see how the predisposition to get vaccinated and travel will change in the first months of the 2021."

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