Government in talks to get early doses of Covid-19 vaccine as GPs see rise in suspected cases

Government in talks to get early doses of Covid-19 vaccine as GPs see rise in suspected cases
The Irish College of General Practitioners say the number of tests has effectively doubled within the last two weeks.

The Government is in discussions to get early access to one of the most promising Covid-19 vaccines.

According to reports, the State is attempting to secure two million early doses of the shot that has been developed at Oxford University.

The vaccine is considered to be one of the five most promising candidates currently being developed after human trials last month suggested it is safe and triggers an immune response.

It comes as GPs say they are seeing far more people whose symptoms require them to get tested for Covid-19.

Yesterday, there were 156 more confirmed cases and two deaths from the virus reported.

A new record for the number of tests in one day was set on Friday, with HSE labs processing more than 13,000 samples.

Dr Mary Favier, President of the Irish College of General Practitioners, said efforts to fight the virus depend on that work.

Dr Favier said: "There's been a very significant uptick in cases presenting to GPs and then being sent on for testing.

"And then there's also increased surveillance going on, whether it's in meat-packing plants, or continuing in nursing homes and in direct provision centres.

"So there is a very large body of tests there too, and so between the two we've effectively doubled the number of tests within the last two weeks."

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