Woman, 50, charged with brutal murder in Foxrock is unfit to stand trial for murder, court rules

A 50-year-old woman with schizophrenia has been committed to the Central Mental Hospital (CMH), after being deemed unfit to stand trial for murder.

Woman, 50, charged with brutal murder in Foxrock is unfit to stand trial for murder, court rules

Grace Miano, originally from Kenya, but with an address at Tudor Lawns in Foxrock, is charged with murdering Malawian national Limbani “Robert” Mzoma (27) on November 1, 2018 at her home.

Ms Justice Eileen Creedon made the determination at a sitting of the Central Criminal Court today after hearing that Ms Miano believed that she had been poisoned at the time of the alleged offence.

The judge had made a similar order two weeks ago, pending the preparation of a psychiatric assessment by an approved medical officer, who then gave evidence yesterday.

Dr Ronan Mullaney, consultant forensic psychiatrist at the CMH, testified that he had examined Ms Miano this week.

He told Paul Burns SC, prosecuting, that she had given an account of the alleged offence.

She had stated that she’d engaged in violent actions, but did not deem herself responsible as she had consumed a cigarette in which someone had placed intoxicants.

He said that she had related a number of persecutory beliefs, including that she was not responsible for what happened because she had been poisoned. She would plead not guilty due to being intoxicated without her consent, she’d said.

She denied having a diagnosis of a major mental illness, saying that she’d occasionally suffered from panic attacks.

Murdered man, Limbani 'Robert' Mzoma
Murdered man, Limbani 'Robert' Mzoma

However, Dr Mullaney explained that she was currently receiving antipsychotic medication by injection.

He gave the opinion that she had schizo-affective disorder. He explained that, after receiving medication, she was no longer acutely manic, but still held entrenched religious and persecutory delusions.

He said that she was ‘unfit to be tried’ under the Criminal Law Insanity Act by reason of her mental disorder, entrenched delusional beliefs and the belief that she was poisoned shortly before the act.

Mr Burns asked the court to make a determination under the Act that she was unfit to be tried, to adjourn proceedings until a further order would be made and commit her to the CMH until such time.

The judge made the order and Ms Miano was returned to the CMH, where she has been an inpatient since November.

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