Not a cloud in sight today – here’s what the weather is doing this Bank Holiday weekend

Níl aon scamall sa spear!

Not a cloud in sight today – here’s what the weather is doing this Bank Holiday weekend

Over the last few days the entire country has been blanketed with beautiful sunshine and thankfully, today is no different it seems.

If you are lucky enough not to be working, today might be the day to hit the road to the beach.

Maps from Met Éireann paint a wonderful portrait of how amazingly clear it is over all parts of Ireland at the moment.

The weather service are predicting scorching temperatures of 20C to 23C across the country today with good sunny spells and just the rare bit of local cloud at times.

* Map from 10.45am this morning.

With the June Bank Holiday weekend coming up the good news is that the lowest daytime temperatures are expected to hit is 17C - we won’t complain at that!

Tomorrow will see more sunny spells, but the humidity will bring the chance of an odd shower in the southwest of the country.

Saturday, meanwhile, holds good news for the southern and western parts of Ireland, with long spells of hazy sunshine expected. Clouds are predicted to gather in the northern and eastern areas however, bringing a chance of some scattered showers.

It looks set to be humid on Sunday with top temperatures thought to be in the high teens or early twenties. Some thundery downpours are possible that day.

Finally, rounding out the Bank Holiday, Monday will have some showers. However, long spells of hazy sunshine are expected as well.

Hat tip: Met Éireann.

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